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Privacy Policy

The privacy of our clientele is our top priority – Global Design Stop.

General Terms

The policies are carefully crafted for the users of Terms like ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ relates to the company itself. Terms like ‘customer’, ‘user’, and ‘you’ are subjected to the readers, viewers, and customers or parties involved (in any terms) to the company.

Global Design Stop respects the privacy of its users and clientele by all means. This declaration addresses all the queries and concerns of our users in regards to their personal information and data utilization by the company (Global Design Stop). We only acquire the information of its users in terms of creating & updating the website and the services with an exceptional digital experience upon the client’s requirement.

Global Design Stop (with this stated terms of policy) hereby, ensures to maintain the privacy of its clientele. Furthermore, we ensure of having no intention of sharing or selling the customers’ and users’ data and information to any third-party platform. Further information upon third-party concerns is separately shared below.

The representatives may use the pseudo names depending on which region they are interacting in order to facilitate and do a better communication with our customers because we deal in the global market.

In order to ensure the privacy of our valued customer we never store any sort of information related to our clients neither we do take any cards information from client.

Prime Motive

The core purpose of this declaration is to clarify the queries and concerns as to why Global Design Stop collects, utilizes, and shares the clients’ information. It also shines the light upon why is it necessary to gather information.

The stated privacy policy can be added, amended, or changed by Global Design Stop at any time required without formal notice. We suggest our users keep a check on this very page (privacy policy) in order to stay up-to-date with any current updates.

Collection of Exclusive Details

Global Design Stop gathers a variety of data and information from its clientele for website designing and development purposes. However, a more detailed breakdown of information and data collection is mentioned-below.

Casual Details:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Residential/Business Address
  • City
  • Country

Business Associates & Vendors

  • Company Information
  • Support Contact
  • Emergency Contact
  • City
  • Country

Usage of Collected Data & Information

Representing the numerous reasons and usage of data collection. At Global Design Stop, the domains of design, development, and QA department keenly monitor and manage UI and other KPIs of the website. The users, customers, vendors, business associates, job recruiters may encounter updates with regards to website monitoring, maintenance, and management of the ideal website performance and might also collect information in an allotted timeframe.

Keeping the concerns in order, Global Design Stop gathers and stores the user’s information to improvise the user’s overall web experience by enhancing the quality over the official website of Global Design Stop. The dedicated teams of design and development at Global Design Stop are keenly focused on creating a full-fledged web experience for all its users with an updated UI. The process to be more feasible requires the vital information which is collected by the stored information of the users.

Moreover, the gathered information may be shared with personnel, departments, and relevant managers of Global Design Stop. On the other hand, the genuine concern of security, privacy, and confidentiality of the users will be highly respected.

Security of Exclusive Details

Considering definite measures, Global Design Stop manages top-notch security levels and the confidentiality of the gathered information from its potential customers in the first occurrence.

With a strong HTML5 based on e-commerce infrastructure. It ensures confidentiality and privacy while keeping the SSL-Secure Socket Layer Certification technology up and running. The SSL certification helps in encrypting all the users, vendors, associates, potential customers’ shared information and secures data and information storage.

Third-Party Concerns

Global Design Stop only (in rare cases) shares the information with third parties to enhance or maintain the UI, promotions, or improve communication or networking with the potential customer and other associates.

Furthermore, any exclusive information shared with the third party is entirely dependent on contact between Global Design Stop and the reliable third platform. Not a single third party is permitted or authorized to further share the information with someone else in any sort of way or concern. It is completely prohibited.

Cookie Policy

Global Design Stop stores the cookies on the website. Cookies functions to gather additional information and data such as but not limited to;

  • Interests considering the website’s look and feel
  • Data and selected network in terms of the website
  • Demographics
  • Website Context

These aspects are brought together to embrace an enhanced user experience.


In case of further concerns or queries, kindly refer to the mentioned contact details.

Toll Free: (347) 514 7691


Live chat support is also available for your concerns.