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Terms & Conditions

Below mentioned Terms of Services are solely formulated for

General Terms

The policies are carefully crafted for the users of Terms like ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ relates to the company itself. Terms like ‘customer’, ‘user’, and ‘you’ are subjected to the readers, viewers, and customers or parties involved (in any terms) to the company.

Global Design Stop offers a wide range of products and services. Whereas, all the users are required to strictly follow the terms of services, notices, policies, or any published information by the company itself. We suggest each user of carefully read the terms of service before opting for any further service or any form of service.

In case of disagreements, no user shall be further entertained in any type of service by the company. Manifesting the privacy of our clients, Global Design Stop holds no ownership over the client’s logo, brand name, products, content, etc. Until declared, Global Design Stop doesn’t imply any sponsorship, suggestion, recommendation, or endorsement over a client’s property.

Concerning the terms of services, Global Design Stop has a zero tolerance for disruptive behavior and any violation of the stated terms of services. This statement. Hereby, affirms that Global Design Stop has the authority, rights, and freedom to amend, change or revise the terms of services at any time without official notice. Furthermore, all the clients are bound to agree with the most recent set of terms and conditions updated by the company on the very page.

Global Design Stop reserves the copyright of all the resources which belong to the company.

Initial Project Proposal

We tend to make the correspondence process as seamless as possible for all our clients. To make the best out of it, we offer to customize the ideas of our clients by using online resources and our expertise. Moreover, we open the offline avenues to keep our relationship with our clientele healthy, positive, and for a long-term period.


Global Design Stop provides the opportunity for brands to create their digital presence in the face of a website through our platform. To state, we have no role over the decision of information nature, condition, and placement or where and how it is presented. Hence, Global Design Stop is not responsible for any claim or cause of misconduct indecency over or against your website. Additionally, we are not responsible for such an act, and the complete ownership resides with the client.

Furthermore, the clients of Global Design Stop are bound to secure the name of Global Design Stop and defend the company under such circumstances. In case of a worsening situation, the clientele of Global Design Stop may likely bear the lawyer’s fee.

Not to forget that Global Design Stop aims to serve all the clients with extraordinary experience and services. The procedure is made feasible with the elimination of causalities often faced due to corrupt files or folders, disruptions, or possibly servers going down which may result in the elimination (delete) of your permanent or temporary files. Considering the very case, Global Design Stop would not be accountable for any claimed or unclaimed issues.


Global Design Stop does not take the ownership & authority of client’s:

  • Brand Name
  • Names
  • Logos
  • Trademarks
  • Content
  • Images
  • Products/Services
  • Visuals
  • Illustrations
  • Concepts

Data Backup & Loss

Global Design Stop is not liable or accountable for the loss of data from the client’s end. The lost data will not be compensated nor will the company bear the loss once the backup files and data are safely handed over to the client. The users of Global Design Stop share their consent in the light of mentioned information and conditions.

Global Design Stop cannot be held accountable for any data and backup loss after the final handover by the company to the client.

Refusal Phase

Global Design Stop holds the complete authority of deciding what constitutes the violation of the stated policies. Additionally, Global Design Stop has the right to cancel or cease its services to any candidate/user/client for some time period or completely.

The policies are not nullified in case of a single aspect being invalid. Concerning this matter, the team of Global Design Stop officially verifies the questionable term against our pre-structured standards. It provides an edge to the company in terms of modifications to the regulations and conditions through our formulated set of rules adhered to all our client to be strictly followed.

It is suggested to frequently visit and review the terms of services of our company on the very page for an update of any recent modification.

Copyrights & Trademarks

The clients of Global Design Stop are required to provide authentic evidence of the ownership of the below-listed items. This condition is applied when any of the below-listed items are shared with Global Design Stop for website design and development or other services.

  • Brand Name
  • Names
  • Logos
  • Trademarks
  • Content
  • Images
  • Products/Services
  • Visuals
  • Illustrations
  • Concepts

Furthermore, in the case of the above-listed items belonging to Global Design Stop, the company will authorize its complete ownership. In case of acquiring the copyrights from Global Design Stop, proper documentation would be required from the client’s end. If Global Design Stop doesn’t grant permission of sharing or transferring the copyrights, the clients are required to respect the decision and be obliged to defend the company from any harm throughout the procedure.

Revision Policy

The number of revisions depends on the package selection. Global Design Stop allows 2-3 revisions to the clients which are attainable only if the core concept is not affected or changed. In case of extra revision, additional charges are applicable.

Refund Policy

The approval of our clients binds us. However, once the initial services are delivered, the eligibility for claiming a refund expires.

In order to become eligible to claim a refund;

Criteria for refund claim

The eligibility to opt for a refund expires once the original concept is approved or requested for a revision.

  • The client only qualifies for a refund if it is requested before any deliverables.
  • GLOBALDESIGNSTOP is a highly customer focused company and we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction of the client. However, if client is dissatisfied so we do process refunds based on the terms mentioned above. Since we work in a good faith and expect our customers to do so as well hence the money back guarantee stands null and void if there customer has changed mind after placing an order.
  • 60% of the refund can be procured if requested within 48 hours.
  • 30% of the refund can be procured if requested within 48 to 120 hours.
  • After 120 hours of delivery, the client does not qualify for a refund.
  • The client is not eligible for the refund if she/he stays inactive for consecutive 30 days after placing the order. In such a case, rectification requested by the client shall charge an additional amount for the continuation.
  • If the ultimate package is delivered, the client does not remain eligible to claim a refund.
  • If the website is ready to be live, the client does not remain eligible to claim for a refund.
  • If the storyboard is composed for video animation, the client does not remain eligible to claim a refund.
  • Global Design Stop has the authority to reject a refund claim at any time if the client is found guilty of violating any terms of Global Design Stop.
  • The refund criteria are constant for all packages.
  • In case the design delivered by us complements the brief and the limit of revisions is reached, the client does not remain eligible to claim for a refund.
  • A client does not qualify for a refund if initial designs complement the brief. If the client decides to change the initial brief concept after the delivery, the refund claim would be denied.
  • If any logo designed by us mirrors the concept of any other logo, merely be a coincidence, the company will not be held accountable for any refund. As it is extremely imperative for the clients to copyright their design.

A valid reason should be grounded in terms to qualify for a refund request.

How to claim for a refund

Contact Global Design Stop through;

Live Chat Support
Toll Free

The application request for the refund will be keenly evaluated by the team and 2-3 revisions would be complemented to client. In case of complete and continuous dissatisfaction, the specific project would be strictly analyzed along with the raised concerns of a refund request. The client will be updated accordingly via official email.

When refund request is approved

In the case, your refund claim is approved, you will immediately lose access to all the deliverables provided by the team. Concerning you have forfeited the project, you will have no ownership over the project.

It is legally prohibited for any client to re-use the design provided by Global Design Stop once refunded. Strict legal actions will be taken by the company in case of violations.

Prime Cognizance

The current stated terms of services shared by Global Design Stop ascends complete forms of a verbal and written composite of formerly agreed policies. All the users of Global Design Stop are required to adhere to the set of final terms with conditions for processing with the company(website).

Note: In case of any query, you may contact customer support or:

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Global Design Stop is ready to serve your queries and concerns.